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Chattanooga: Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain
Ulysses S. Grant

After the disastrous union defeat at Chickamauga, the union army is besieged in Chattanooga, Tennessee. President Lincoln assigns General Ulysses S. Grant to relieve the siege and destroy confederate General Braxton Bragg's army. Grant will receive another 20,000 troops under "Fighting Joe" Hooker and another 20,000 under General Sherman.

The dispirited union troops are close to starvation by the time Grant arrives. But the confederate army is starving as well and confederate morale is low as the army has no confidence in their leader, Braxton Bragg.

Braxton Bragg
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George Thomas   James Longstreet
   The Shipwreck of their Hopes; Peter Cozzens; The University of Illinois Press, 1996,  
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